I have been lucky enough to work as a camera person in both television broadcast news and as a still photographer for newspapers and magazine publications. As a freelancer it doubles my chances of getting published and when I hear those sirens I have to check the scanner and twitter to see just where they're heading. I believe, while chasing news can be exciting, that it is important to document the real life heroes that keep us safe. 

Tuesday February 1 2022, Nebo Road Fire Destroys Harper's Market Grocery Store

Firefighters from across the city battled an overnight blaze in the East Mountain area business area. The building housing Harper's Market was quickly engulfed in flames with crews often having to pull back from the intense heat of the building's exterior. “Immediately, exterior firefighting operations were initiated, including the use of two aerial ladders and their master water streams,” said chief Dave Cunliffe. No one was injured and the Office of the Fire Marshal and Ministry of the Environment have been notified of the incident.

Wilson Street Structure Fire August 23, 2012. 11PM

Ingelbert Lievaart/MediaShots Canada
Firefighters access the attic through the roof to battle stubborn flames at 412 Wilson Street. The single story home was unoccupied at the time except for a dog which was rescued by the fire department. 3 local citizens entered the home looking for occupants before the fire department arrived but found no one home. The thick smoke in the living room forced the would be rescuers back outside. One neighbour reported smelling smoke at around 9pm a full two hours before the fire was discovered. 
Hamilton firefighters fighting yet another blaze on Wilson Street. Neighbours said a woman lived at the home with two dogs and a cat. It's believed she left the home with the dogs before the explosion but is still reported missing. The cat, showing signs of burn injuries watched from under a nearby parked car after making it out of the home.

Black lives matter protest, December 1, 2014
IngyMedia, June 6, 2013
​​​​​​​Hamilton protestor spoke with a witty sense of humour during Thursday's march against Enbridge's grant to the Hamilton Police Department seen to many as a bribe. Similar grants to cities all along the pipeline indicate that Enbridge is greasing palms in exchange for cooperation in the future.
Caught with the goods, AUGUSt 26, 2010

Shots Fired May 15


MPP Paul Miller speaks about protecting Hamilton's Air Shed pointing our past environmental mistakes and how we must learn from the past.

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